Wednesday, 11 October 2017


The looting and sharing was going on fine until the recent revelation by the first lady Aisha Buhari about the conditions of service at the Aso rock clinic.

It's in my opinion that she deserves a massive applause for bringing into public spec what's happening over there at the state house clinc, she has done something noble.

There is a Yoruba saying that "it's someone who has step on thorn that visit the doctor" but what happens when the doctor lacks the necessary tools to remove the thorn, I believe the pain from the thorn kills the patient or he visit another doctor if he still wants to live this justify why our leaders can't treat ordinary headache in Nigeria.

The Aso rock clinic is operating on a budget of over 3 billion naira annually which is more than what most teaching hospitals get and yet there was no single syringe which cost less than #100 at the clinic.

I would have argued that the assertion that the Aso rock clinic is poorly equipped is false but how would I argue it, when it's coming from the woman from the other room herself.

We know it is the tradition of our leaders and wealthy Nigerians to go on medical tourism abroad for so many reasons which I believe it wouldn't be fair to discuss it In this piece.

What we don't know is that a heavily funded Aso rock clinic would be without syringe or drugs and I doubt if there are enough competent hands to handle patients: what difference would competent hands make when there are no equipment.

There was a recent statement credited to the presidency about the move to commercialise Aso rock clinic which I thought was a good move until now, and I now see the commercialisation agenda as a move to cover the massive fraud in the state house clinic.

The president, presidency and CMD of Aso rock are yet to issue a statement to debunk the first lady's claim, body language is something peculiar to this administration and I believe It won't be wrong to tag their silence as admittance.

For an administration that claims to be fighting corruption there should be investigation to the issues raised by the first lady: What am I saying?  What has happened to the investigated grass cutter general and the NIA boss.

They say all the cash are been stashed for 2019 election either wrong or right, I need someone to explain to me how PMB approved oil contract on his sick bed in London as said by GMD NNPC Baru,  when he has delegated powers to his vice.

Corruption strolling in our corridor when we claim to be hunting her.....

To the first lady madam Aisha Buhari, you should have stick to your UKnised lifestyle and go for treatment there.

What happened to you is what happens to a doll when it decides to have a birth in the stream.....Disgrace!!!

Am sure if you get to Aso rock clinic today it would filled with drugs and necessary equipments, that's what we do in Nigeria when there is an issue that affects the ruling class, the first lady was lucky she was not in an emergency situation but who knows what might happen tomorrow.....

 I hope our leaders who see the good in doing good for the nation rather than a one headed agenda of treasury looting.

God bless Nigeria
Arasi Senior Kolapo

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