Friday, 25 August 2017

OYO to create 32 Beaded Crown Obas -Onikoyi

I have tried so hard to keep quite on this issue but i just get irritated each time it surges in my mind.

It is interesting the kind of silence, trepidation and distrust that have so far greeted the inauspicious desecration of Ibadan history & cultural heritage via the recent resolve of the Governor of Oyo State to create 32 Beaded Crown Obas within Ibadan by proxy.

Even Professors of History, reputable Historians born and bred in Ibadan have developed cold feet over this issue. The current Olubadan is fighting this battle alone with just a handful of men of conscience. Others are apologetic and patronizing the Governor for personal gains.

However, since my Ibadan friends and elders are too docile to publicly challenge this aberration and crude mockery of a lofty history spanning centuries by a mere mortal drunk with transient political power and a terminal tenure not exceeding 8 years, we, friends of Ibadan and admirers of the unique royal ascension model will speak out.

Very soon every bus stop or food canteen in Ibadan will become a Kingdom. They will eventually bastardized the history of this city.

Sometimes you just want to know what goes on in the head and mind of our politicians. You want to query the essence of their education and exposure. Infact, I just keep wondering why we have such kind of leaders to live with.

In the midst of all these, I just want to counsel my own father, the Alaafin of Oyo not to celebrate the fall of Ibadan too much because the "thing" is coming close to his backyard.

The whole joke about exploring our nation's cultural and tourism potentials as an alternative stream of revenue is gradually coming to an end. We are a very un-serious nation.

I hope the Governors of Kano and Sokoto too will soon take a clue from their Oyo brother by creating 32 new Emirs for each city.

Absolute Rubbish.

Sola Kolawole Onikoyi

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