Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Some Questions Youths in Politics need to Answer


1. Why are the youths the determinant of who wins an election but the most excluded in the sharing of the spoils of elections?

2. Why are the youths not invited when major decisions are to be made in different parties?

3. Why are youths not considered as stakeholders in political discussions even
when the winning of any election depend on them?

4. Why are the youths not remembered in the sharing of contracts and appointments?

5. Why do our political leaders use youths as hatchet men to destroy other youths?

6. Why is our political space occupied only by elders in exclusion of the youths?

7. Why do our political leaders quarrel only when competing for a particular political interest but are the first to unite in abandonment of the youths that were the hatchet men in their fight?

8. In the early days of democracy, politics was infiltrated by young and vibrant youths, what has changed that made today youths less fit in political considerations?

9. In the early days of democracy, the present crop of elders contested elections and won, what has made the youths incapable of raising enough funds to vie for political offices?

10. How many youths are ready to support a
fellow youth in an election without monetary inducement?

11. Our present crop of elders became independent at their early age but today our youths are increasingly turned into beggars incapable of taking care of their basic needs.
What really went wrong?

12. Today's youth with a vast pull of energy is the most affected by unemployment and
joblessness. Why is it so?

13. Why do we have more youths as praise singers and sycophants in politics today?

14. Why has gossip and backbiting became the stock in trade of youths before their political leaders?

15. Why do our political leaders consider the
youths as objects to be used and dumped
only to call them in their next political engagement?

16. Why do you youths settle for NANS elective posts even when they have aboved 35 yrs (yet many are no more students) and the old ones are ticking 60-70yrs as Governors, Senators and Rep Members?


Lets join hands together to create positive impact.

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