Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Future - Ganiyu Afeez

The future is more fictional than the past and the present. We're presently in the world of globalisation where at the angle 90° of your room, you can capture the microscopic panorama and cyclorama of global scenes.

Presently speaking, the future of the world has been housed upon annihilated and wrecked foundations by the world powers, since the growing pace of nuclear weapons and international belligerency.

Quintessentially, it's easy for the world powers to destroy other continents by launching their intercontinental ballistic missiles and thus the whole world in rumble and crumble.

Apart from this, the future can be prognisticated as being lazy, seeing the youths of nowadays spending almost 20 hours on the internet per day. Hence, whatever the case may be, the future can be better for anyone who seize the opportunities that beneath it.

It is for anyone who can unravel and disentangle the remonstrances and challenges of this present generation, by planning ahead for a better future.

You should be aware that the past has bequeathed the successful ones of today, and this past is transmodifying– meaning, it may not be the same in the future.

The question is, how well prepared are you for the fortunate and unfortunate future?

The answer requires you to extrapolate/understand the world societal structure of today so as to be fit in, meaningfully in any society you find yourself in the future.

Permit me to say that, if you're optimistic that you can build an auspicious, beaming, candescent, dazzling and elaborate future (ABCDE future). Congratulations! But that's not enough than to keep aiming big things, keep taking haculian responsibilities, and keep putting on the shoes of unshakabke determination to solve any challenges that comes your way.

You're the best author of your future.
What you nurture shall grow in the future,
Whatever you want generations to write in the future,
Whether good or bad shall tell in the future.
Do something today to better your future

Ganiyu Afeez Ajani

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