Friday, 18 August 2017

Resume or Resign - Arasi Kolapo

London metropolitan police permits resume or resign group to hold vigil. They even pasted a public notice preventing people from parking cars in the area where the vigil is expected to hold.

I ask, when do we start to think the right way in Nigeria?

We saw what happened to the protesters in Nigeria especially the leader of #Ourmumudondo movement "Area Father".
Parking at the spot of the vigil between Fri 18/8 3:00pm to Sat 19/8 9:00am is a crime.

Right to peaceful assembly, so people would say that only happens in the western world. But I argue that it is written in our constitution also, only that we are blinded to it or better still the leaders are blinded to laws that is not working in the interest of their National looting and wrecking Corp.

The activities of these clowns confirms the intelligence of the Yoruba elders when they say "The strong make laws to beat the weak".

I remember when Abami eda Dela Anikulapo Kiri said "Whites maltreating blacks in South Africa that's racism there is a reason for that, blacks mistreating blacks in Nigeria, what do you call that? "

I ask everyone reading this piece, what do you call that?

We can turn the game, we change the tide, we can move mountains. We only need to stand up. Our number get them there, our number can take them out.

Arasi Senior Kolapo

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